Not just hunting, but hunting in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria’s geographical location and diverse nature will charm you with its beauty. The population of wild animals will give you wonderful unforgettable hunting and fishing experiences. You will be able to walk in places unspoilt by people. These experience will provide wonderful moments to remember for a lifetime. You will want to come back!

The game population supervised, with established hunting seasons in both the state forest and game reserves. A wide range of small and big game with high trophy desirability are bread in the forestries, including: bears, Tibetan yak, red deer, wild boar, chamois, mouflon, capercaillie, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, quail, turtle dove, woodcock, wood pigeon and wild dick.

Тhe existence of extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna, preserved wildlife and game populations with spectacular beauty, grace and power, are guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable moments!

What is more, we provide a full service not only for hunters, but for their families too! There is a tradition of game reserves and comfortable village houses offering a range of extra services ensuring a pleasant and exiting stay for all members of the family. All can experience home-backed bread, fresh honey from the hive, horse riding, rafting or even spa and wellness. All this is just a small range of the available choices!

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