The most beautiful monastery in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery is situated in the majestic Rila Mountains is a bright example for the church and architectural art development of the country in the course of different ages, for the development of the Bulgarian language and culture and for the preserving the national consciousness in the dark years of slavery. The monastery was found in the 10th century by the monk-anchoret Ivan Rilski and it has been repeatedly destroyed and restored. It brings us back to the years of the national Revival and the struggle of the Bulgarian nation for keeping its national identity. The beautiful church “Rojdestvo Bogorodichno” with its exquisite iconostasis, the Hrelyova’s tower from the 14th century, the Monastery kitchen from the 19th century, the picturesque wooden balconies and the guest rooms are the sights which will be interesting for the tourists with different professional and personal interests.



51, Alexander Malinov Blvd.,

Metro City Mall, Office A7

1799 Sofia, Bulgaria



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