The town-museums in Bulgaria

Koprivshtitsa is one of the most beautiful and charming town-museums in Bulgaria. It is located in the Sredna Gora Mounstains and it is bound up with the struggle of the Bulgarian nation for liberation from the Ottoman slavery and especially with its participation in the heroic April Revolt in April 1876. All the houses in the town are in 19th century style and many of them are transformed into museums. Koprivshtitsa is a home town to many outstanding personalities – fighters for National liberation, writers and public man workers of Bulgaria. Visiting several house-museums – Oslekova’s, Debelyanov’s, Kableshkov’s, Karavelov’s and Benkovski’s. Walking through the centre of the town and seeing its monuments which brings the tourists back to the atmosphere of a town of the age of the Bulgarian Revival.



51, Alexander Malinov Blvd.,

Metro City Mall, Office A7

1799 Sofia, Bulgaria



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