On the way of Gods

9 days / 8 nights

Christianity has been Bulgaria's official religion since 865 AD when the country was one of the first to accept
Christianity. There are over 160 monasteries and thousands of churches and chapels all over Bulgaria, that still keep the spirit of their time and where one can enjoy the creative genius of Bulgarian masters.
Behind the rigid stone walls of Bulgarian monasteries you can find more humanity, warmth and life than divinity.
Monasteries impress with magnificent architecture, subtle paintings, frescoes, icons and woodcarvings. In hard times monasteries were centres of patriotic activities, which greatly helped keep Bulgarian hope and patriotism. The most popular monasteries are the Rila, Batchkovo, Trojan, Rozhen, Driyanovo, Preobrazhenski, Kilifarevski and Aladja Monasteries.



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